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Seasoned Virginia Peanut Gift Box

Seasoned Virginia Peanut Gift Box

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This delightful gift box is a treasure trove for peanut enthusiasts. It features a 7 oz. bag of my premium Salted Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, renowned for their exceptional flavor and quality. But that's not all – you get to choose from three bold and exciting flavors:

Dill Pickled Peanuts: For a tangy and briny twist, these Dill Pickled Peanuts are an explosion of savory goodness. Each bite is a delightful fusion of Virginia peanuts and zesty dill pickle seasoning.

Cajun Peanuts: Spice up your snacking experience with our Cajun Peanuts. Bursting with the robust flavors, these peanuts offer a savory kick and a touch of heat.

Salt & Pepper Peanuts: Simplicity at its finest, our Salt & Pepper Peanuts are seasoned to perfection with just the right balance of saltiness and zesty black pepper, making them a classic and satisfying choice.
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